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English page

This English page of our site was created for our future partners to explain good purposes and real opportunities of our site and to start partnership. Romashka in Russian means chamomile - the flower, that helps to know whether a guy likes a girl or not.

Our site was created on the basis of astrological and numeration system of knowledge that has been used in the world for a long time (thousand years). Some modern astrologists and psychologists in US and in Europe also use it in their practical activities.

Our site gives possibilities to people to find out information about their relations with other people. Site gives text information about Attractiveness, Compatibility, and Conflictness between any two people. Authorized user recieves results about his relations (current or future) in points from -10 to +10 at each of three parameters and supplement with explaining text.

Our system gives a concrete information for everyone. This information has very high degree of accuracy - about 90%, basing only on birthday dates of two persons.

Site works only in Russian for the time being. Any visitors having registered on the site have a possibility to recieve immediately free-of-charge information about Compatibility and forecast for current day and for tomorrow. Authorized user needs only select two dates of birthday. Information about Attractiveness and Conflictness and Propensities of somebody to marriage is payable (about 1$).

We are sure that our knowledge and our information will help many people to find their true partnership and become happier. We are interested in partnership with dating sites, marriage agencies, social networks etc. Users of sites where people connecting with each other have a danger to get lost in a stream of useless contacts. We are able to help them to find people with which they can build very happy relations. We are ready to work with any technology for cooperation with your site to provide information about Attractiveness, Compatibility, and Conflictness for your users.
If you are interested in work with us please write about it in this form or e-mail us: or

Examples of information:

Example 1. How do [A man name] relates to a woman [A woman name]

Attractiveness +7
She will attract him very much. He likes her appearance. He could be charmed by her. He will fall in Love with this woman probably.

Conflictness +3
He can be very intolerant and tactless with her. He would like to avoid disputed situations but he can't cope with himself often. This dissonance can bring them some alienation and hinder to build lasting relations betwеen them.

Compatibility +3
Their mutual relations could be nice if he will try to understand her and to love her and to take her as she is.

Example 2. Disposition to a marriage of this man [Name] is not great

He doesn't like monotonous relations and see marriage as extension of monotonous. He doesn't like to take responsibility of long duration to himsilf. He will be afraid of attachment to one woman and will not want to be depending on his feeling. He doesn't want to reveal his vulnerable part of personal nature with anybody.

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